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Living Room Wall Colors

Living room is one of the most important rooms of the house. Giving it an attractive finish not only changes the appearance of the entire room but of the whole house as well. After all who wants to welcome their guests in a drab living room? There are many different ways to add some charm to the living room but one of the easiest and most cost effective techniques remain to give a fresh coat of wall colors. Selecting the right color for your living room remains one of the most challenging task in the whole affair. How to ensure that the color will look grand once done and not become a disastrous scene? Well believe it or not one can control the way your living room looks to a great extent. Here are some quick tips to give a new and finished look to your drawing room.

Selecting the Wall Color

Before going for the final selection one should always test and make sure that the color is right with the present living room decor. Keep in mind the colors appear differently in different lights. So it is best to put some color patches and observe it for a day in various lights of the day. Once you are sure about the shade then go about spreading it out. One also has to keep in mind that colors look very different on charts as compared to what goes on the wall. A bright or light color can appear all together different in your living room depending on the surface covered. If you are going for a dark shade of color then it is always advised to go for a lighter shade or two as compared to what appears in the shade card. If still the color appears bolder than what you want you can go for paint techniques like rag rolling, sponging and even color washing to mellow it down.

Accent Vs Background Wall Colors

One of the most common mistakes that most of us do while selecting colors for the living room largely is picking up accent colors instead of background colors. To put it plainly background color is like the make up foundation and the accent colors are the lipstick and eye shadow. So if you want to display the accessories of the living room then background color is the best choice. Always try to go for neutral shades in wall colors so that it can team up with your present living room decorations. But with hundreds of colors to select from how to know which one is the neutral shade? Well to a great extent the modern shade card has helped us out. For each paint type eight shades are generally given on the card. So the most neutral color is always in the middle. So if there are seven strips the fourth one is the background color.

Color Division In The Living Room

So you have picked up the background shades for the living room, but then how to decide what color goes where. Well once more the shade card comes to our rescue. Once you have selected the neutral color you will find the shade card displaying two very light shades, two medium shades and two dark shades. So for the living room walls select from the medium wall colors shade. Pick the darkest among the two. So now we go for the ceiling. Yes we do paint the ceiling of the living room instead of leaving it like a white bed sheet. If your ceiling is nine feet or lower then paint the ceiling with two shades lighter of the same color. If your ceiling is higher than this paint it in one shade darker than the wall color.

Trim Colors

If you are applying color to your door, windows and built-ins then lightest shade of the same color should be used. You donít want your doors and windows to be the focal point in the room instead of blending in. Darker trim colors generally stand out giving an odd look to your living room.