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Kids Rooom

Before painting kid rooms, you’re smart to consider the affect kid room colors may have on your child as different colors may have varying psychological and physical affects on him. You see, maturity, cultural influences, personal experiences and interests, light and even physical makeup are just a few of the elements that influence how an individual will respond to a color.

Let’s look at physical makeup and maturity for a moment. When a baby is born he sees only black, white and gray. Within a week or so he can see red and begins to reach out to the color as it helps him develop his perception skills. Since children see red before blue it’s best to decorate a baby room using soft tones instead of bright primary colors as they may confuse his sensory skills and overwhelm him. As a result, kid room paint colors and the particular colors to paint a room should be well thought out prior to giving birth.

For many, the brightest of reds for example, may represent a loud, unsettling color that makes focusing on a task difficult, for others it could provide a sense of comfort and security since they relate it to a favorite stuffed friend or blanket. So no matter what our age, we relate to colors based on personal experiences and interests.

Kid room paint colors in general and deciding on what colors to paint a room need not be overwhelming. All that's required is a little forethought and some fundamental knowledge from which to base your kid room colors on. The youngest of children aren’t yet affected by the cultural influences of color. Even though adults have had more experiences with color, we may not all respond the same. For example, for many in the world white represents purity but in Japan it represents mourning and death. Finally, colors can have healing effects on the body. Simply put, colors match, respond to and support certain body functions. I’ve seen this in action myself when my boys were born, one prematurely, requiring blue light treatment for jaundice. Hence, kid room paint colors should be selected for the positive effect they have on your child.

J.L. Morton, color consultant & founder of Colormatters.com writes "Babies cry more in yellow rooms, couples fight more in yellow kitchens and opera singers throw more tantrums in yellow dressing rooms.” Ro Logrippo reveals in her book “In My Room,” yellow responds to the chest, heart and lungs. She states, “Children with asthma and other breathing problems react most favorably to yellow.” Could it be that for most people, yellow stimulates these areas the body, providing healing powers to people with related illnesses but has an over-stimulating effect on healthy individuals?

At any rate, when choosing kid room paint colors, these issues create a great reason to encourage your child to choose his own kid room colors. When choosing colors to paint a room, you may consider the following ways we tend to respond to various colors but remember, just like you respond differently to various types of music and sound levels, the same will be true of each individual’s color preferences. Because of this any kid room colors you select should reflect your child's personality.