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Vasthu & Colours

Colors pacify our mind and stimulate energy. The colors have significant effect on our mood, health and happiness. The impact of colors on us is emotional, intellectual, materialistic, physical and intuitive.

The right choice of color helps us in enhancing the flow of energy in the house. Here are some Vastu guidelines, which will help you to pick the right Vastu colors for every room of your house.

Directions and Colours

Colors are based on directions represented by various planets. For example, north rooms of a house, represented by the planet ‘Mercury’ can be painted in light shades of green as the green is representative color of Mercury. The colors of the planets govern directions as follows

Direction Planet Color
East Sun White
West Saturn Blue
North Mercury Green
South Mars Pink, Coral Red
North-East Jupiter Tone of yellows, Cream
South-West Rahu All Greens
South-East Venus Silver White
North-West Moon White